Sunday, 27 October 2013

Our experience with Metricon so far

We started the Metricon journey in February/March this year when we found our 'dream block' (with an old house on it!). We signed on the dotted line early September. The home we have chosen is Metricon's Liberty 42 with plantation facade.

The initial phase of the process with Melissa at the Balwyn office went fairly smoothly. We appreciated her patience and the promptness in which she responded to our queries.

Things were more stressful and frustrating once the preliminary contract was signed and the 'colour' selection began. The issues that stood out include:

  • The fact we would be quoted a price for an item for e.g. 'about $200' or 'about $3000' and inevitably the actual price would be $299 or $3900. That's almost an extra $100 or $1000 more than expected!
  • It was assumed we knew what needed to be done for all areas of the house e.g. it was mentioned to us in passing (when talking about an unrelated matter) that the portico was not concreted. It was assumed we knew about this as 'most people choose to pave it after handover'. This was frustrating because just when we thought everything had been addressed and the costs had been considered we found yet another item that we had to budget further for.
We are now waiting for the building permit to come through. Fingers crossed we'll get it soon.

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