Friday, 28 February 2014

Day 73

Our Building Support coordinator responded to our concerns about the storm water drain and crossover promptly and facilitated a meeting with the base stage supervisor and another with the SS.

Finally had a meeting with the Base Stage Supervisor (better late than never) and went through the issues of the relocation of the storm water drainage point and the gap between the fence and garage wall. Unfortunately, we didn't go through the entire site but hopefully our SS can answer some of the other questions.

Despite a call by the Base Supervisor to the subcontractor it is still unclear why the subcontractors relocated the storm water discharge point by 800mm to where the future crossover will be. However, he has reassured me that it is easily enough to relocate it to a different position (at no cost to us). Have to check with our local council to make sure everything is ok and to mark the minimum distance from the southern border of the property for the final storm water discharge point. The easiest thing to do is to relocate it back to the original position. Hoping the Base Supervisor will call back about a reason why the subcontractors move it in the first place!

Found out why the gap between the garage slab edge and the fence is so wide. They have measured the distance from the edge of the slab/footing to the surveyed boundary line (which is inside the southern fence line) and not to the fence paling line. This issue has not been raised with us previously. The difference in gap between the fence line and surveyed line ranges from 100mm to about 500mm! Which adds to the gap between the fence and edge of the garage slab/footing.

Anyway, this is where we are up to in the construction:

  • Installation of Roof tiles
  • Some windows
  • Electrical rough in
  • Plumbing
  • Solar Hot water
  • Airconditioning unit
  • Main bedroom doors to verandah
Noticed there was no roof sarking installed which apparently is not a standard item for Metricon - it was never mentioned by Metricon during all the consultation phase. It would have been nice to be given the option to include it but now it's too late.

Outdoor area

Having a meeting with the SS next week. 

Sunday, 23 February 2014

Base and frame

It's been a while since we updated this blog and since then a number of things have occurred including the base and frame of the house! It is now day 68! Once the process began the progress was fairly quick but unfortunately not without issues.

The concrete slab was completed late January/early February and the frame commenced on the February 5th. It took about 2 weeks for the bulk of the frame (ground and first floor) to be completed.

Site preparation

Waffle pods and reinforce mesh
Concrete slab with free standing meter box

The site supervisor (SS) that we had been assigned came on board from the frame stage. The base stage was handled by another person. We only discovered this when we contacted the SS regarding the concrete footings and was referred to the base stage person. 


Concrete footings

The first issue involved some concrete footings that were dug up during the excavation process. We were unable to contact the demolisher and the footings needed to be removed asap for work to continue so we ended up having to pay Metricon $300 remove them.  

Unexpected gap
The second issue, which we were very unhappy about, involved the distance of the concrete slab on the south side of the house relative to the neighbour's fence. We had requested on several occasions leading up to and including the contract signing day that the house/garage be built as close as possible to the neighbour's fence. Metricon insisted on a 150mm gap between the house and fence and so we were eventually resigned to this gap. To our dismay, the gap is in fact 500mm! We now have 500mm of useless space that we will need to seal off to prevent external access. Furthermore, while this may seem like a trivial distance it may actually impact on the construction of the crossover and impinge on the 2.5m distance set by the council relative to the tree on the nature strip.

Nature strip tree (right hand side)!
Stormwater drain??
A possible further issue, which we are investigating, is the relocation of the storm water drain on the kerb. It has now been moved from it's original position in line with south side fence line towards our future crossover. 

Original storm water drain (left hand kerb)
New storm water drain
Scheduled meetings?!
We had arrange to meet with the SS to inspect the site after the frame stage. One of us made special arrangements to leave work in order to do this as we felt it was important for both of us to be there to meet the SS in person. Unfortunately, on the day the SS was held up at another site and this meeting did not eventuate. He did give us permission to inspect the site ourselves and it was at this time that we discovered the second issue above. We contacted the SS via phone the day after to discuss. Unfortunately, he was in transit and we were at work and so the discussion was brief and some issues remained unresolved. We did learn from the SS that we were supposed to have had a meeting at the base stage. We must have missed the fine print somewhere because we were not aware of this. Furthermore, we had previously (early February) attempted to contact the base stage person but did not receive a return call. 

We sent an email to our building support co-ordinator (BSC) this weekend to express our concerns and to ask for her help with resolving the crossover/driveway issue.

We haven't spoken to the SS about the storm water drain yet. It's something we will have to follow up asap.

Site start

We had some issues with the permit and so the November 2013 start date was delayed. We finally 'went to site' on December 18th 2013. The excavation occurred fairly quickly however there's been no further progress due to the festive season. 

We now have a Site Supervisor (SS) and our Customer Support Coordinator has been replaced with a Building Support Coordinator (BSC).

The official completion date for the build is end of November 2014. Here's looking to moving in before Christmas!

We have enlisted the services of Urban Property Inspections. Hopefully we've made the right choice in building inspection company given our bad experience with choosing a demolisher. Hopefully the building inspection cost will be worth it!