Monday, 26 May 2014

Heating duct

Noticed that the silver foil around the heating ducts above the dining area had black stains which happened prior to the installation of the roof tiles. These ducts were exposed to the weather for about two months. Our SS organised an inspection by the installer and was told it was ok.

Sunday, 25 May 2014

Day 159

The SS called us last Monday in response to our concerns about the brickwork. He went to inspect the site and organised a site meeting with us. We met up with him on Thursday and he brought along a senior Metricon building consultant (who had brickwork knowledge). The senior consultant agreed with us - some of the chipped bricks, uneven mortaring and bricks that were jutting out needed to be redone. In addition, he noticed that the brickwork above the dining room window was not done properly (something that we would never have picked up!). He also noticed some streaking of the mortar from the bleaching process of the brick cleaning. The other issue is the inconsistent colour of the mortar which should be grey but in some areas it looks white. Our SS is organising for these to be rectified.

The storm water LPOD has been relocated and approved by the council according to our SS.

During the week the roof tiles above the garage, dinning and outdoor area were completed and the temporary scaffolding has been dismantled. Retaining wall constructed on the LHS of property (as per building plans).

The initial fitting of the fire place and flue is in place. 

The plastering has been organised to occur in the next few days. It looks like we are back on track. Thank goodness for our new SS!!

"Streaking" of mortar
Retaining wall
Relocation of LPOD

Sunday, 18 May 2014

Day 152

Roofing on the garage, dining and outdoor area are nearly complete. No obvious progress inside.

Garage roof

We had a good look at the brickwork after the scaffolding was removed and noticed many imperfections in the brickwork. We understand that some imperfections might be expected with the bricking, however, there seemed too many chipped bricks especially on the corners, loose and cracked mortar, and in one area some of the bricks were jutting out slightly and so on. Below are some examples:

RHS Front Garage
Back Garage  
RHS Front corner of house

Chipped brick middle portico
Chipped brick middle portico pillar

RHS house - bricks jutting out slightly and loose/crack mortar
RHS portico pillar - difference in top brick pattern (see below)
LHS portico pillar - difference in top brick pattern
We will let the SS know and hopefully these can be fixed. They might appear minor but they happen to be in obvious locations and we wonder whether some of the chips and cracks occurred during the dismantling of the scaffolding. A big concern is if the mortar is coming loose now, what will it be like in a few weeks or months time?! 

Friday, 9 May 2014

Day 143

Not much happened last week except that we met our new SS last Thursday. He officially took over this week. He seems approachable, understanding and took time out to answer our concerns and questions. He was keen to get things moving along again which was great! So far this week he has organised:

  • more bricks for completion of the brickworks
  • a site clean
  • scaffolding to come down
  • carpenters to put the garage roof trusses up
  • minor repairs to be done and inside of the building to be cleaned 
  • Jetmaster fireplace to be delivered 
  • brickies to leave some spare bricks for us (for emergencies)

Scaffolding down
Site clean
Site Clean
Garage bricking and roof trusses

Chipped brick

Chipped brick replaced

Loose noggin (marked blue) replaced with new noggin above