Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Day 245

We are getting close to the end, as evidenced by the following photos. However, as we look forward to a brand new start in a more spacious home (our current house is a 15m2 1960s clinker brick with 1 bathroom and no storage) we are bracing ourselves for more frustrations and disappointments. Earlier on in the build we were out of our league in terms of building know-how and unable to tell whether things have been done properly but now as the finishes are installed any defects/ discrepancies are more easily detectable by building ignorant people like us. An acquaintance told us it took one year for her house to be built and another for it to be fixed! We are bracing ourselves for the worst. Our pessimism has been borne out of optimism - if we expect the worst we could only be pleasantly surprised! Ha! 

Front "solid" door installed
Front door stained Cabot Jarrah- colour does't match the gable and garage door  
Exposed aggregate driveway
Outdoor area
Concreted outdoor area
Plastering of portico area - front entrance

Balustrade - not quite what we were expecting 

Spotted gum floorboards

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