Sunday, 20 July 2014

Not quite right?!

Some of the things we have noticed recently and have informed our SS. Let's hope these get rectified. These includes:

1. Missing ducted heating outlet in ensuite

Where is the ducted heating outlet?

2. Crooked window - this was raised previously and the brickwork on the outside was redone, however, this still looks crooked on the inside.

RHS window in main bedroom slightly crooked

 3. Kitchen down lights skewed to one side (left hand side)

Kitchen down lights
 4. Family room down lights and fan provision (where batten light is) is positioned closer to window side and should be more centred. Hard to tell from this angle.

Family room lights
Batten light should be centre of fireplace but located to the left

5. Shelves fall short in linen cupboard.

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