Sunday, 20 July 2014

Not quite right?!

Some of the things we have noticed recently and have informed our SS. Let's hope these get rectified. These includes:

1. Missing ducted heating outlet in ensuite

Where is the ducted heating outlet?

2. Crooked window - this was raised previously and the brickwork on the outside was redone, however, this still looks crooked on the inside.

RHS window in main bedroom slightly crooked

 3. Kitchen down lights skewed to one side (left hand side)

Kitchen down lights
 4. Family room down lights and fan provision (where batten light is) is positioned closer to window side and should be more centred. Hard to tell from this angle.

Family room lights
Batten light should be centre of fireplace but located to the left

5. Shelves fall short in linen cupboard.

Thursday, 17 July 2014

Day 213 Tiling

Tiling started yesterday. Here are some pics:

Ground floor bathroom
As the tiling was the last visit of our 'colour selection' we were exhausted and overwhelmed by the cumulative cost of the build and therefore just went with the standard inclusions. We would have loved to have tiled to the ceiling. When we saw the tiler on site in our ignorance we asked whether it would be possible to get someone to tile up to the ceiling at a later stage. We were told that it wouldn't look right because of the way the tiles are initially aligned/positioned. Bugger!

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Day 210 Garage door

Drove past yesterday evening and noticed that they have installed the new Colorbond Timberlook Garage door (Classic Cedar - light colour). The initial impression was disappointment when I noticed the colour difference between the Gable slats and garage door. We had based our colour selection on the Metricon Plantation design we had seen at Metricon display homes (e.g Mornington Peninsula), on the Metricon website and other Metricon homes on the internet. In addition to the timber-look Colorbond garage door, the front door will be stained Cabot Jarrah. But as you can see the gable slats don't look quite right. In addition to the colour (or lack of it) the slats are quite wide apart. 

Garage door
This is how the gable should like at Metricon Mornington

Other issues:

Front door - we found out a few weeks ago that the "solid" timber door we thought we had upgraded to was not solid enough for the door handle we chose. We had chosen this door handle from a selection presented to us at Studio M (after having chosen the so-called "solid" timber door) - it was not a special order! The upshot was we had to pay for another upgrade to a "solid", solid door (which is basically a double upgrade) otherwise our only other option was the standard door knob handle!!

Other updates:

Painting (internal) is all done and looks good. The electricians, telecommunications and cabinet guys have been in the property the last couple of days to do some of the electrical fit offs and wardrobes. 

Bedroom 3 wardrobe

Bedroom 2 walk in wardrobe

Main bedroom

Heating and cooling vents, lights

TV points and power points

Staircase storage room

Staircase storage room

Staircase storage room

Saturday, 5 July 2014

Day 200

Painting started about 2 weeks ago. Our SS uses a particular painter to do the whole job  and will take about 3 weeks.

We also received the fixing stage payment request 2 weeks ago, which is 25% of the build cost.

In the meantime, we have been organising landscapers to come over and give us some ideas and cost of landscaping our ideal garden.

Here are some pics of the progress:



Upstairs leisure room


Study room

Family room


An inlet pipe from the gas main in the street was connected and then located to the front RHS of the property. Gas meter connection to the gas outlet should be soon. Noticed the electrical wire (white wires on the left side of photo) is very close to the gas inlet. Is this safe???